Mobility is part of our everyday routine. Mobility Invest Group aims to ensure that travel between daily destinations becomes hassle free. We provide access to various means of transportation, facilitate payment and streamline the administrative processing of mobility costs by creating technical smart links between various systems.
Together with our clients we create customised mobility solutions, increasing the sustainability and accessibility of our daily commute.


The Mobility Invest Group has grown in eight years from a small white-label project group to a large investor holding with 7 labels serving different target groups.

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At MIG, togetherness is paramount. Togetherness encompasses not only working together with colleagues, teams and departments, but also with partners, clients and customers. Who doesn’t love doing great things together? We are an engaged team with a definite sense of community.​


You can truly depend on MIG and its employees. We are highly skilled and experienced in the industry working with robust systems and delivering quality products and services. Regarding the company itself, we are internally always able to rely on one another.​


At MIG, we have an action-driven culture, not one of endless research and exploration, but one of simply starting and doing. We don’t shy away from new challenges. We act like entrepreneurs, dare to take a leap of faith gladly increasing our learning abilities along the way.


MIG’s services are designed to meet the needs of its clients as closely as possible. This can be done via minor, unexpected improvements, but also through launching new concepts. The combination of customer satisfaction and the contribution to a sustainable society are standards that we strive for. In other words, we believe that innovation is a key factor in the industry and always aim to flourish in this field. At all levels of the organisation, employees feel challenged and empowered to implement their improvements.



Connecting mobility card to credit cards, Tripkey is the ideal mobility solution for tourists in the Netherlands. They can collect their Tripkey mobility card at a nearby pick-up point and use it to easily access all public transport and even OV bikes.

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Reisbalans makes flexible travelling for business users easy, accessible and carefree. To do this, Reisbalans uses an mobility card, an employee and employer portal, and a smart app with GPS tracker. All administration is processed with surprising ease and can be linked to various HR and payroll packages.

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Mobiliteitsfabriek is a white-label transaction platform that can be used to connect mobility partners and manage accounts. This is done via smart IT solutions. The platform is available for a wide range of mobility service providers.

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Vecore enables people to share cars and bicycles. With a Smartbox (hardware) in the vehicle, a software system for management, and an accompanying app for booking, opening and closing. Among other features, it makes it possible to share a vehicle without having to be physically present to hand over the keys. Vecore does this on behalf of employers, communities, car plan managers and lease companies.

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Dumoco focuses on innovative research and projects in the field of mobility to make sustainable mobility more accessible. With its own app and mobility card, it is the ultimate project department for local governments.

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WijMobiel offers travel solutions in the social domain. With budget mobility cards, partial mobility cards or separate tickets, WijMobiel helps clients, elderly people, poor people or people in a reintegration process on their way and prevents travel expense claims. In this way, WijMobiel supports social and municipal organisations with customised service.

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Axxel is a shared mobility concept for residents. With its combination of shared electric cars, mobility cards and a rental car for occasional use, Axxel offers flexible mobility without ownership. Axxel currently operates in the Hogekwartier district of Amersfoort.

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